Duplication control interface modules from 9 pin RS422 code to Parallel or Panasonic P or Sony S serial codes.

Quite often source machines do not have the industry standard RS 422 9 pin control inputs. Older machines have parallel only. S-VHS machines have Panasonic P or

Sony S codes. Without a translation interface these machines can not be controlled

By the regular RS 422 controllers such as found in DMA's duplication control which

also controls source machines. The DMA's interface module comes with parallel and either Panasonic P or Sony S codes. Not both! Please inform us which one you require when ordering so that we can install the correct software. Should you have one of these modules and wish to change, it is only the inexpensive plug in programmable RISC processor that needs replacing.

The RS422 input is via a RCA connector. We use only one leg of the RS422 which is fine providing the cable run is less than 100 feet. The parallel output is a D sub 15 pin socket with grounding contact closures. The Panasonic P or Sony S serial is from a RCA connector.

An additional function of this module, with different software, is fanning out (pulse DA) from a controller to multiple duplication bank destinations or multiple VCRs'. In this mode the input (RCA) is Panasonic P and the 10 outputs are on a D-sub 15 pin plug. Please specify the required application so that we can install the correct software.

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Duplication control interface modules.