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Breaking news.

Downloading and high definition.

We really live in interesting times! Just when the on-line down loads seemed to be on the gain , HDTV arrived. That changed the previously obvious sequence of events. The file size / amount of data is about 5 times greater with HDTV. This implies that downloads take 5 times than previously encountered. At the same time Blu-Ray disc recorders / players have come on to the market. Blu-Ray conveniently, with it's 50 GB of storage allows large computer back ups as well. At present a lot of internet streamed media is being viewed but the quality is not always comparable to HD. In time, viewers are likely to become more demanding on real HD quality.

Growth areas:

Clearly Blu Ray disc is taking off and quite likely will offset the falling numbers of DVD. We must remember that DVD is over a decade old by now and can be expected to be replaced by a newer standard.

Apart from Blu-Ray, solid growth is being experienced in all the game products. This is especially tru for DS Nintendo and Wii.

What is new at DMA?

We have made updates and improvements to our Presto line so as to accept semi-porous paper. Copier grade paper works fine to print small runs of title sheets in house and now we have made a breakthrough to make it usable in automated disc packaging.

We have recently added a security labeler and sleever to our product offerings. This is an integral system with stand and conveyor.

To enhance our medical and pharmaceutical product offerings we have registered a new company, Applied Innovative Technologies Inc. in January 2009. For our media based clients, we will still be doing business as Digital Media Automation.

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