VCR ID System (Cassette Tracing System)

More than 15,000 Audio Visual Systems ID units in service world wide.

Application and Description: The VCR ID system is used to record unique codes on VHS cassettes. The code provides recorder tracing and other user information. With this system, cassettes that do not pass QC can be traced back to the exact machine a recording was made on.

Some duplicators rely on keeping track of cassettes by numbering each cassette individually or trying to maintain the sequence of cassettes. This implies that when a cassette fails QC prior to packaging, a complex maze of cassette paths have to be back-tracked to determine which deck was at fault. Tracing returned faulty cassettes back to the deck-, date- and job number of a recording is even more daunting and costly to the duplicator. When recordings are made on slave decks equipped with the DMA ID system the ID code is written to each cassette. Furthermore, any subsequent illegal copy of a cassette will not bear any ID code. This means that authorities have a clean and indisputable method of authenticating the origin of a recording.


VCR ID CTL: The CTL signal is modulated to a number of user selectable codes. The type of code and NTSC/PAL/SECAM coding is user selectable. An encoding module is fitted to each recorder.

VCR ID Horizontal: (New Design) The latest ID encoder measures only 1.5" x 4" x 5.5" and serves 16 slaves and does not require internal fitting to the recorder. This ensures that the units can be mounted to existing racks / recorders in minimal time. Additionally since each unit serves 16 slaves, equipment cost per machine is radically reduced.

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VCR ID System (Cassette Tracing System)