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Merlin and Presto Disc inserters for DVD & Blu-Ray Overwrapper, Re-stacker, Labeler RFID, Security Tag.

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Digital Media Automation


Our products include DVD / Blu-Ray packaging machine, over wrapper / overwrapper, RFID / security applicators and output stacker. We also provide automated solutions for DS and UMD type Amaray cases.

Media development has lead us from VHS PC based control systems to packaging of optical discs. Initially we provided electronic duplication control and automatic QC systems. However, these advanced automatic QC systems needed special conveyour systems, to separate the good and bad tapes. These seperation conveyors were simply not comercially available. This requirement initiated our intruduction into the mechanical realm. Since then, we have branched out to include complete design and manufacture of automated packaging machines. We arttibute our success in this market to computer design and manufacture of the mechanical, and advanced micro processor control for the servo systems. This offers our clients cost effective, high performance, flexible packaging systems.

Initially, our Merlin did a fine job as an all in one automated DVD packaging machine. However with the explosion of format sizes, from DS Amaray to Blu-Ray Disc to games and beyond, the market dictated a new flexability requirement. Our answer was the modular Presto system. A fully automated Presto line can run up to 25 parts per minute and two lines can be combined to produce a "Presto Duo" system.

Apart from our regular full automation system users, we perceived a need for clients to start small and then grow with their market needs. Modularity is the answer to cover the whole spectrum. The Presto line can start off with only the slip sheet inserter in semi-automatic mode, and can be added on, modularly, to reach full automation.

Super Overwrapper / FilmStar overwrapper / semi-automatic overwrapper.

The overwrapper served a niche in the market where clients need quick repeatable product size change over. The super overwrapper now has a long and successful track record. It constitutes a total new approach to overwrapping by replacing cams, levers and linkages with microprocessor control. This microprocessor approach, in addition to reducing costs, also offers unique features such as full automation and quick size change between various products.

We persieved yet another overwrapping requirement for a specialized, boutique type application. This is our semi-automatic overwrapper.

Of course, with automation, there is a severe need to receive and stack the finished product and that is where our Super Stacker excelled. It has quick size change with a built in learn function.

Other products.

Please see the packaging equipment menu for details on our other extended range of products.

Our equipment is CE compliant, runs on both 115VAC and 220 VAC 50Hz / 60 Hz and is running in many countries besides the USA.

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