Merlin Servo DVD packaging machine / inserter / collator for fully automatic packaging of Amaray type cases.
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Merlin DVD Packaging Machine / inserter / collator


Before the explosion of multiple size cases such as Blu-Ray Disc and DS Amaray, the Merlin was the most cost effective, all in one, high speed disc packaging machine. Great care went into into the design and manufacture to produce a machine of solid design that can cope with less than perfect boxes encountered in the market. Merlin's advanced microcontroller system offered quick recovery after stopages. This same control system does quality and error monitoring at each step of the process to enable automatic seperation of good and bad product at the output. The market has since moved to more flexible solutions such as our Presto range of products. (See Presto Modular range.)

Please click on the top view link below to see the product flow. Amaray Boxes from the hopper on the rear bulkhead are fed to the opening station. The box clasps are opened mechanically. The boxes are hinged back to 270 degrees while moving to the left of the machine. Slip covers are brought in from a dual stage system with preciser and inserted into the opened cases. Dropping down, a servo drive indexes the boxes past various loading stations where discs, booklets and security / ID tags can be placed. The boxes are finally ejected, either closed or open depending on operator selection.

View of Merlin:

DVD inserter / collator

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