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Automated Servo Product Stacker

StackerThis automated system stacks products in pre-configurable stack sizes. The system can be used to stack a continuous feed of products traveling along a conveyor line into vertical stacks, saving space and facilitating the packing of products into shipping boxes. Products accumulate on the in-feed conveyor during ejection cycles, enabling the system to handle 70 products per minute without pause. This feature enables the stacker to be incorporated into almost any continuous packaging line. Product size settings are by means of adjusting the limit guides and the built in learn feature for product thickness and stack height.


Automated Product Stacker Specifications:

Product Sizes:

Maximum Width: 8.5 inches
Maximum Length: 6.0 inches
Maximum Height: 3.0 inches
Minimum Width: 2.0 inches
Minimum Length: 2.0 inches
Minimum Height: .05 inches

Note: The sizes listed encompasses: CD, DVD, VHS, DAT, Audio Tape, 3.5" discs, 8 mm, DV, Betacam and more.

· Stack Height: Maximum: 18 inches Minimum: 1 inch

· Speed: Approximately 70 parts per minute

· Physical Size: 18" W, x 60" L, x 38" H

· Stand Height: Adjustable

· Electrical Connectivity: Regular 110/220 VAC wall outlet

· Pneumatic Connectivity: Option: pneumatic / solenoid

· Interface: Full interface to other equipment

· Product entry: In-feed conveyor

· Optional: Extended out-feed conveyor

· Optional: Bar-Code reader to verify product ID