Presto DVD packaging machine line for automatic packaging of DVD Amaray, Blu Ray and DS. Please click on links below for further details.
DVD cas Inserter / collator:
Full automatic Merlin, description & specifications
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Semi-automatic Presto for slip cover insertion
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Presto DVD Automatic slip sheet insertion line




The Presto Pack DVD modular packaging machine system can be either operated semi-automatic stand alone mode, or fully automatic. Speeds of up to 30 pieces per minute per module are obtainable. System throughput is dependant on configuration, details available on request. Smooth automatic opperation is also a function of the cases and discs. Please check with us to establish case / disc compatability.

An initial aqusition of only the slip sheet inserter vastly increases manual efficiency which can follow a progressive automation expansion by addition the case opener and presenter, disc / booklet placer and closing station. The Presto system offerers great flexability for DVD, Blu Ray, HD DVD, games packs and multiple disc cases. Cases assembled using the Presto Pack system are packaged in record time and exhibit an accurate machine packed appearance.

Representation of complete Presto Pack modular disc packaging machine showing case opener and presenter, slip sheet inserter, two disc / booklet inserters and case closer. "Presto Duo" are two systems combined doubling the throughput capacity.

DVD inserter / collator

Click to see manual, stand alone Presto DVD case slip sheet inserter.

Click to see Automatic Presto case presenter, slip sheet inserter, disc placer and case closer.

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