Automated QC Inspection System for VHS Cassettes:

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Application Description

By keeping the auto loaders stacked and clearing the out feed conveyor a single operator can easily handle our automated QC systems. Monitoring the quality of cassettes leaving the production line verifies the quality and offers immediate maintenance feedback. It takes chance and guesswork out of duplication. The DMA QC system detects and identifies typical recording anomalies. Reports can be printed out on the PC screen, hard copy on paper or be saved on hard disc.

These stand alone QC system are high speed, non subjective devices which even separate the good and bad tapes automatically. System sizes are 8, 16, 24 and 32 machines. The throughput is from 400 to 1500 tapes per hour.

DMA is happy to supply data showing amortization periods of approximately six months.

 System description:

System Processing:

A 19 inch rack mountable unit housing the electronics. This unit is mounted in the frame that supports the conveyors and decks. Quality checking is executed by multiple onboard microprocessors. Results are the transmitted via the RS232 serial line to a PC.

Windows Based Software:

User friendly Windows based software developed by Audio Visual Systems displays inspection parameters real time on a PC. Several features enable the system to be customized to each customer's requirements. Control and Action limits are user settable, thus yielding a truly powerful yet flexible tool for statistical process control.

QC system frame:

A custom manufactured rack is provided to support all decks. The rack was designed keeping maintenance in mind. All decks are readily accessible to simplify maintenance. Modularity of racks also simplifies shipping of the system to your facility as well offering upgrading to more machines as your duplication needs increase.


An 8ft long conveyor, per row of 8 machines, spans the entire width of the rack. Cassettes are ejected from the autoloaders straight onto a 5 inch wide 2 inch high conveyor. A unique conveyor design allows that maintenance be virtually eliminated.

Cassette Stacker:

A cassette stacker stacks cassettes in stacks of eight cassettes high. From the stacker the QC system can be linked to labeling machines and shrink wrapping machines as required. The Super Stacker is required for systems using 16 to 32 machines. Eight machine systems use the second level conveyor for stacking the out feed.

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Automated QC System