Quick size change overwrapper for media such as DVD, CD, DS Nintendo, Blu-Ray or cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry applications.
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Technical overview of Super overwrapper



Over wrapper system description

The DMA over wrapper features a quick change system between different size products so that it is feasible to have one over wrapper in stead of one over wrapper for each size product.

The design objectives were not only to cover the American market but also the European market that uses the CE quality and safety compliance. With no powerful electric motors used and the machine shielded in a tough Lexan see through housing, the operator's eyes are not subjected to flying splinters from a jammed jewel box, nor can fingers be lost in the cut off knife.

The DMA over wrapper is a next generation machine beyond the cumbersome mechanical over wrapper era, to offer fast and reliable over wrapping at affordable prices. Note the absence of a heavy machinery in the lower base in the pictorial views of this over wrapper. Not only is the usage and appearance pleasing but with it's advanced electronic control system, it can report it's operation and status back to a PC in a remote location for management monitoring. The presentation of these remote results, through data programs such as MS Excel or Access can be either graphical or other user preferable formats. As an over wrapper is the last important point in the production process, prior to stacking and boxing, and is thus a key monitoring point of plant efficiency. Through innovative electronic and mechanical design, large electric motors, cams, drive shafts, universal joints and other mechanical dinosaurs are no longer required. This is a large energy and maintenance cost saving over other over wrappers and especially over heat shrink equipment, as there is no heating oven required. Change over between VHS, CD, DVD, audio tape or other products is fast and painless by minimal change out and setting calibrated dials and electronic thumb wheels. The advanced electronics obviates speed control interfacing in favor of pause functions which interface with up steam and down stream packaging and stacking equipment. Easy access to the operation deck of the over wrapper is provided by a pneumatically balanced gull wing door. In it's standard form, product up to 3" height can be wrapped. The wrapped product is fed through the machine on a conveyor system and does not rely on products end to end being pushed by the last product in line. This obviates the loss of 5 or 6 products remaining in the line and sticking to each other at the end of a run. It is also important to note that timing is electronic and not from cams or levers that can get out of tune during a jam up. This timing resetting on mechanically based overwrappers can easily be a two day job by a specialist. With the DMA overwrapper there is no one horse power or greater main electric motor and thus only minimal force is applied to the product by the pneumatics and stepper motors. All machines jam up occasionally but this reduced force greatly reduces the chances of product damage.

Film cut to length and present section.

The film feed roll is power servo fed to the cut and present section where the length is determined by stepper motors from electronic thumb wheel settings. This is not only fast, precise and reliable but, being digitally controlled, repeatable over long periods of time. A simple but advanced vacuum chest transport system is used for precise film take off for the wrapping section. To change between product sizes the thumb wheels are set to the new width and height. By powered down and powered up again the micro controller reads and calculates these new parameters for the new product. Cut to mark for pre-printed foil is also offered as an option.

The optional tear tape applicator requires no heating and can thus not melt and clog up the applicator when the over wrapper is paused. The cut off knife is a single element design and not a metal to metal shear or roller type which results in excessive wear.

Product in feed conveyor.

Product feed through the over wrapper is linear with product entry directly in line and at the same level. An intelligent, brushless motor driven input conveyor presents the incoming product to the tuck and fold section. Although the DMA overwrapper is intended for automated production lines, an optional, manually loaded hopper is available.

Wrapping, folding and sealing section.

The lengthwise join is on the back, short edge, so as not to mar the products appearance with a join on either of the main surfaces. Tuckers are pneumatically operated followed by a traditional folding section, but powered by stepper motor conveyor. The product is positively transported through the wrapping section as opposed to being pushed through by a daisy chain of following products. The DMA overwrapper does not leave a few product items in the machine which need manual intervention. Apart from convenience, this also reduces the risk of mixing the last few product items of an old batch with a new batch which may be totally different.

Control system.

An advanced multitasking digital processing system controls the over wrapper. No speed control is necessary or provided as the over wrapping process is optimized. In stead, a pause control is provided for automatic control in automated packaging lines. By careful design the heat sealers heat quickly from cold and consume little energy while running.


The essence of the design is also low maintenance. Not using previous generation heavy machinery construction with cams etc., obviates total re-timing and resetting after a jam. The DMA over wrapper uses electronic rather than heavy mechanical cam timing and the forces from the actuators are light enough not to cause disruptive damage. The parts such as pneumatics and stepper motors are from renown manufacturers and available world wide. Diagnostic error codes are read back on the LCD display for precise problem solving.



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